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I was able to cover my full Systems of Knowlegde syllabus and project, despite sitting for it as a private candidate. 

My final mark was B. 

I am very pleased!

My tutor helped me cover Psychology during the summer months. I sat for the subject between my 1st and 2nd year at Junior College. 

I was able to obtain a very good mark.

Very pleased with the tuition that my son received. He went from Maths results ranging between 20% - 30% to his final O-level mark being that of grade 2. 

We are very grateful.

I dropped out of school after my 1st year at sixth form. Taking up tuition with ACT Tuition after 4 years of stopping all my studies, I was able to sit for all 6 subjects and am now at University. 

Could not ask for any better tuition. 

The tutor is dedicated. We constantly worked through our difficulties and various past papers. 

The small group lessons are excellent to help me revise through my difficulties. 

I have covered multiple subjects with ACT Tuition, which helped me increase my marks.

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